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I am delighted to be speaking at a CPD day on Complimentary Therapies for Alex Kelly LTD on 5th June 2017 in Romsey, where I’ll be talking about my work using yoga with individuals on the autism spectrum, here’s the blurb…

Yoga and Autism – Moving Towards Well-being

Gemma Bulcock is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist with additional training as a specialist yoga teacher. She fuses ‘mainstream’ speech and language therapy approaches and techniques with specially adapted yoga in her work with children aged 2 to 18 who are on the autism spectrum. This approach provides a multisensory learning and therapeutic experience for children, helping to develop attention and engagement skills, understanding of language, imitation skills, body awareness and coordination, imaginary play, relaxation and self-regulation skills. Gemma has developed a specific programme for use with pre-schoolers with autism, which has been successfully trialled within both group and one-to-one interventions. In this talk she will share with you some of the many benefits of yoga for children on the autism spectrum, how yoga-based movement and relaxation sessions are carried out, examples of children’s responses and progress, and offer ideas for practitioners who are interested in incorporating these practices into their work with young people.

If you are interested in attending you can find out more information and book your place by following the link below.

CPD Day – Complimentary Therapies

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