Pinterest board of autism videos. Links to various videos available online on different aspects of autism, including information on useful approaches and interventions, stories from individuals on the spectrum and their families, empowering talks etc.

Pinterest board of Empowering Information on ASD for teenagers & older children. This board is designed to direct older children, teenagers and young adults to places online where they can read factual but positive information about autism. There is so much information available but much of it is geared towards parents and professionals and can be negative/medical in its tone. This board may be useful for parents and individuals themselves who are trying to understand their diagnosis and connect with others on the spectrum.

Pinterest board of Toys for early communication development. This board is useful for parents or professionals working with young children with ASD or children/young people with significant developmental delay. It shows types of toys that can be purchased which are good for developing communication skills. This is because they are appealing (i.e. visual, light-up, spinning, flashing, sound-effects, pop-up etc) and may also need an adult’s help to operate, which provides opportunities for the child to communicate.