Shades of Life offers the following options to schools, both mainstream and specialist:

  • Yoga classes for leisure, fitness and relaxation purposes. Larger class sizes possible where children’s needs are less significant. Brief sessions records are kept to document children’s progress. Lesson plans and outcomes for linking with the wider curriculum available.
  • Yoga/sensory-neurological movement-based therapy sessions for individuals with more significant needs. One to one or 2-3 children maximum. Therapy plans with specific goals set and outcomes measured and reported. Examples of criteria for therapeutic sessions:
    • high anxiety/stress levels
    • OCD/compulsive behaviours
    • low mood/depression
    • behavioural challenges
    • coordination and motor planning difficulties
    • significant social communication difficulties (i.e. extreme withdrawal)
    • moderate health/physical conditions
    • poor self and/or other awareness
    • sensory integration/regulation challenges
    • sleep difficulties
    • poor attention/concentration, high energy levels (i.e. ADHD)
    • at risk of mental health problems
    • vulnerable/abused children
    • digestive issues
  • Inputting into daily support planning for individual children in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary team. For example, incorporating yoga poses with specific benefits into the individual’s day as a sensory regulation break or at times of stress.
  • Yoga classes/sessions can be utilised as a vehicle for developing skills in broader areas, such as social skills and peer interaction skills.
  • Provision of up to date information, research and resources on yoga for children/autism/special needs and related topics, such as mindfulness and compassion. Plus training for staff and parents in these areas.
  • Yoga classes for school staff to improve their health and well-being as well as enable them to better support generalisation of strategies/benefits out of the children’s lessons.
  • After-school yoga clubs.

Please note:  Classes/sessions are designed primarily with the specific needs of children with ASD in mind. It is likely however that children with other needs/diagnoses will also benefit, so these children can be included where deemed appropriate by all relevant parties.

Please contact using the form on this page or using the details here if you would like to find out more and discuss options for your school.